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Impact Monitors

A SpotSee impact indicator is a highly visible device that activates when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level.


As the world leader in the production of precision impact indicators and recorders, SpotSee has developed a comprehensive line of devices that introduce responsibility and oversight into the shipping and handling stages of your supply chain.

Used in conjunction with companion tools, SpotSee impact indicators and recorders provide a prominent visual deterrent to mishandling. By recording potentially damaging impact events during transit, indicators and recorders enable supply chain managers to identify and respond to potential shipping risks.

Review our entire range of indicators and loggers to choose the best solution for your supply chain needs.

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Impact Monitors

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SpotBot Cellular

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SpotBot BLE


ShockLog Satellite


ShockLog Cellular


ShockLog 298


ShockLog 248


ShockWatch g-View

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