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ShockLog Cellular

The ShockLog® Cellular combines the powerful monitoring capabilities of the ShockLog 298 impact recorder with a cellular communication module to deliver real-time notifications of unacceptable handling in the supply chain.

This easy-to-use device utilizes a proprietary piezoelectric accelerometer designed and manufactured by SpotSee that provides industry-leading impact analysis with the lowest noise floor on the market.


Get alerts in real-time when your shipment has experienced an out of tolerance impact, temperature, humidity, tilt, or roll condition.


The information is accessible 24/7 via the user-friendly SpotSee Cloud from anywhere in the world.

Key Features
  • Real-time Out-of-Tolerance Condition Notifications.

  • 24/7 Access to Trip Data from Anywhere in the World.

  • Detailed Impact Analysis on the ShockLog Software.

  • Global Low-Cost Connectivity with No Roaming Fees.

  • Robust Battery Life for Long Journeys.

  • Power Generation.

  • Industrial Transformer.

  • Industrial Generator.

  • Gas Turbine.

  • Air Turbine.

  • Steam Turbine.

  • Oil & Gas.

  • Rigs.

  • Pump Systems.

  • Tool Baskets.

  • Heavy Machinery.

  • Break Bulk Cargo.

  • Logistics/Transport and Storage.

  • Mining Equipment.

  • Construction Equipment.

  • Energy and Utilities.

  • Any long, heavy or over sized goods.

  • Scientific and Technical Equipment.

  • Large Medical Device.

  • Aerospace and Defense.

  • Industrial Equipment.

  • Cooling Towers.

  • Cranes.

  • Environmental Machinery.


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