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SpotBot BLE

The SpotBot BLE, in partnership with Bosch, makes the supply chain transparent. Once attached to the shipment, the SpotBot BLE measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, with the data visualized through a mobile application.

The limits of each parameter can be individually configured, and any violation is traceable and clearly assignable throughout the entire supply chain.

The SpotBot BLE gives the initiator of a delivery peace of mind and supply chain transparency. In the event that a parameter threshold is exceeded, the SpotBot BLE provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage.

Key Features
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple crucial parameters.

  • Up to two years battery lifetime.

  • Cost-effective, simple, and robust.

  • Free and user-friendly mobile application.

  • Inside Transformers for Humidity.

  • Medium transformers.

  • Turbines.

  • Windows & glass doors.

  • Automotive parts.

  • Small transformers.

  • Computer & server equipment.

  • Oil supplies.

  • Heavy equipment rental.

  • Medical equipment.

  • Semiconductors.

  • Construction equipment.

  • Electronics.

  • Furniture.


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