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Oxygen and moisture absorbers

Don't jeopardize your competitive advantage by using oxygen absorbent packs from unproven sources. Saving pennies today can cost millions in the future. Multisorb develops superior embedded, embedded and embedded oxygen uptake solutions that deliver high level value. Our precision-engineered oxygen scavengers allow your organization to stay ahead of the competition by substantially extending the shelf life of food products and helping to speed up regulatory presentation and market launch for healthcare companies.

Humidity control is not a general science. Carefully mitigating individual factors influencing humidity creates a balanced solution to preserve the ideal moisture content in your product. Multisorb desiccants are precision engineered and backed by robust testing by experienced scientists and engineers. Our desiccants defend against all the ways moisture can compromise your product, helping you preserve the effectiveness of your product and protecting you from recalls, malfunctions, and lost sales.

Key Features
  • Reduced financial responsibility for managing humidity.

  • Does not return moisture to packaging.

  • Protects the load for a long period.

  • Available in different formats for easy installation.

  • Experts ready to guide you through the implementation.

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