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ShockWatch Tube

The ShockWatch Tube impact indicator provides a competitive edge by allowing customers to embed impact-sensing technologies directly into their product.

Embedding Shock Indicators Into New Products with Power and Cost Considerations.

ShockWatch Tubes are mechanical which means they do not require a power source. These devices can be integrated into system hardware without the worry of additional power consumption. Simply mount the indicator into your product and you are ready to go.

ShockWatch tubes are selected according to the impact amplitude and duration which define the damage profile of a product. Heavier products are more likely to be damaged by lower g amplitudes with longer durations while lighter products are more susceptible to higher g amplitudes with shorter durations.

Key Features
  • Tamper proof.

  • Robotics.

  • Office team.

  • Furniture and accessories.

  • Scientific and technical instruments.

  • Computer hardware.

  • Electronics.

  • Lasers.

  • Tools.

  • Medical devices and supplies.

  • Industrial equipment.

  • High-tech equipment.


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