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  • Disminuya el impacto medioambiental y recorte los costes de negocio con productos de alta eficiencia que soportan las largas distancias.

  • Proteja sus envíos con embalajes innovadores y de bajo coste que benefician a sus clientes y a sus resultados netos.

  • Ahorre tiempo y dinero, y potencie la reputación de su marca, con nuestros equipos y materiales de embalaje sostenible.


Cushioning is used to protect fragile items during shipping. Packages are often handled with little or no care during transport, so precautions are needed to prevent damage. Shocks and vibration are controlled by cushioning, significantly reducing broken box contents and subsequent returns.

PadPak System

PadPak protective packaging paper is a versatile cushioning packing material used to protect fragile products packed manually into shipping boxes. The patented cushioning pad is highly shock absorbent, for excellent protection in transit. Paper is converted by the PadPak system to form a protective pad directly around the product. An outstanding option for many applications: computer monitors, radiators, automotive parts, fine china, paintings, circuit boards, surgery kits and more.

Key Features
  • Flexible: The mobile machine converts 2-layer paper into exceptional cushioning pads, which can be used to protect products of diverse shapes and sizes.

  • Cost Efficient: Less material is needed to provide optimal protection.

  • Simple: The converter is fast, easy to install and move around, and requires no special training.


Ranpak PadPak CC front brochure.png
Ranpak PadPak JR front brochure.png
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