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Grip'n Slip Sheet

Slip Sheet Pallets replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. 

Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of laminated Kraft paperboard also called Push-Pull pallets.

The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability. Keep in mind that slip sheets being used in high volume manufacturing and distribution, that any problems arising from slippage or even multiple sheets feeding can aggregate into higher costs.

Grip'n Slip Sheet solves ordinary slip sheets problems and will help you reduce costs, eliminate slippage, secure loads, increase productivity and safety.

Grip'n Slip Sheet Is designed to replace or supplement wooden pallets in transportation and warehouse applications

Key Features
  • Construction: Multiple layers of Kraft Liner board with the top side being laminated with Grip Sheet, a 100% recycled lightweight paper with a non slip coating.

  • Type of glue used: PVA.

  • Color: Brown.

  • Dimensions: Maximal width : 73'' (1854 mm). (including tabs).
    Note: the maximum width of the anti slip section is 63'' (1600 mm
    Maximal length : 100'' (2540 mm). (including tabs).
    Note: Anti slip section covers the entire length of the sheet.

  • Pull Tabs: Quantity : 0 to 4.
    Standard width : 3’’ (75 mm), others available.

  • Standard thicknesses and recommended maximal load: 

    • 36 pts (0,9 mm) Kraft + Grip Sheet : 1800 lbs (800 kg).

    • 48 pts ( 1,2 mm) Kraft + Grip Sheet: 2400 lbs (1100 kg).

    • 60 pts ( 1,5 mm) Kraft + Grip Sheet : 3000 lbs ( 1400 kg).
      *Maximum load depends on product type and specific application constraints.

  • Corners: 45° angle, 90° angle or Rounded (2 inch radius). 

  • Recyclable: Yes, with other paper or cardboard products.

  • Options: 1 or 2 faces PE laminated.
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  • Anti-Slip: Eliminate Slippage and Secure Loads

    • Maintains products in place by friction, does not stick nor alter containers.

    • No need to attach the stretch film like would be done with a pallet.

    • No need for extra tabs in the up position to secure goods to them with stretch film.

    • No need to use palletizing adhesive that can damage containers, required glue application equipment and any additional setting or curing time necessary to be able to move or ship goods, plus the associated maintenance and process controls.

  • Productivity: Loads can be moved safely and faster on conveyors and forklifts.

  • Safety: Less potential for goods to fall from the load and to cause injuries or damages.

  • Automation: By construction and design, only one Grip'N Slip Sheet is picked-up each time.


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