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Temperature Indicators

During transport, shipments can be exposed to dangerously high temperatures several times through a journey.

While some TTIs show you that a breach has occurred, for many products it is critical to know the entire length of time products have reached elevated temperatures.

Timestrip time temperature indicators have a window that starts to fill with a coloured dye when the temperature of the shipment goes above the threshold and stops when temperatures drop back down.

When another elevated temperature occurs, the colour dye will resume progressing, marking time laterally by filling the window and passing the convenient time markers.

At the end of a shipment, the Timestrip TTI breach monitoring window will show the total cumulative time of all the elevated temperature breaches.

Key Features
  • Activation feature: Can be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures.

  • Traceable: Unique serial number on each indicator.

  • Clear activation: Activated by pushing button — ’ON’ revealed to confirm Timestrip PLUS Nonreversible TTIs are armed.

  • Unambiguous temperature breach reading: Time elapsed from the breach is indicated by blue in the 2nd window.

  • Customization possibilities: Products and carrying cards to best represent your brand.

Fácil de usar​


  • El producto llega listo para usar.

  • No se requiere pre-activación.

Fácil de Implementar​

  • Solución rentable que permite tomar decisiones simples de aceptación/rechazo.

  • Cada unidad serializada para trazabilidad.


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