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Single Use Pallet


CoolPall™ Flex is our range of high-performance bulk shippers, available in ISO and EURO footprints. CoolPall™ Flex is highly customisable, allowing users to tailor their temperature controlled container to specific shipping lanes or performance requirements, to achieve the optimal thermal protection at lowest overall cost. Models incorporate either polystyrene or VIPs, water or PCM coolants in single or double configurations, in 3 different sizes (narrow bodied aircraft, half height, full height).CoolPall™ Flex is designed to ensure maximum protection and ease of pack out through the use of common components. CoolPall™ Flex is lightweight, extremely quick to build and offers superior temperature stability in excess of 140 hours.


Our range of single use passive bulk shipping solutions are suitable for all biopharma and clinical trial applications. Utilising advanced insulation to provide strict temperature control of your product within the demanding environment of global distribution. Our products are designed with the ability to be flat- packed, modular and easily assembled.

Key Features


  • A new approach in the design of temperature controlled containers.

  • Performance in excess of 140 hours, tested against ISTA 7D.

  • Narrow Bodied Aircraft, Half Height and Full Height options.

  • Payload volumes from 150L to 757L.

  • ISO & EURO footprints available.

  • Optimized for ULD use for air cargo applications.

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