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Dispensador Manual

The Better Pack 333 Plus is a rugged, reliable, simple-to-use manual water-activated tape dispenser. (The Better Pack 333 is also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed tape dispenser, gum tape machine).


The dispenser has 15 preset tape lengths measured in inches on a dial.


The Better Pack 333 Series:
This dispenser is part of a series of dispensers configured to be used throughout the world.

The Better Pack 333 Plus is the world’s #1 selling manual water-activated tape dispenser in the industry.

Key Features
  • Simple to use: 15 preset tape lengths measured in inches on a clearly marked dial.

  • Durable: Steel side frame construction.

  • Effective Sealing: 2 water brushes (1 set) provide consistent, uniform adhesive wetting.

  • Reliable: Superior mechanics and guillotine blade deliver clean, even cutting of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape.

  • Cost-effective: The dispenser is rugged and built to last.

  • Earth-Friendly: No electricity is needed to operate the tape dispenser.


Ideal for facilities that:

  • Are sealing between 1 and 75 cartons per day/per 8hr shift.

  • Have packing stations without access to electricity.

  • Are moving the tape dispenser(s) between various locations.

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