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Hydraulic Save-A-Load Cargo Bar

Save-A-Load® Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Load Bar incorporates a unique internal hydraulic cylinder pump that keeps the bar secure against trailer walls, even when the walls experience normal flexing during road transport. Hydraulic systems have a pressure relief valve so that the operator cannot damage the trailer walls. Designed to offer versatility and flexibility by combining lightweight materials and maximum strength. Save-A-Load® bars offer safe and easy operation, including a convenient one-hand release mechanism and various end configurations to meet your loading needs. The SL-30 series is designed for use in the commercial transportation industry.

Key Features
  • Consistent Pressure: Maintains position even when trailer walls flex due to road conditions, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations.

  • Bar Harmonization: Constant pressure ensures that spring forces are optimized to maximize flexibility and safety.

  • Internal Pressure Release Valve: Prevents excessive starting, minimizing the potential for damage to the trailer / body wall.

  • Simple one-hand release button: Just press a button and the SAVE-A-LOAD bars release instantly.


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